Did you know: The Throwing Fundamentals handbook is specially designed for use at the wheel?

What else sets Throwing Fundamentals apart from the rest? Each page of the Throwing Fundamentals handbook is encapsulated in a protective plastic and the handbook is spiral bound, so you can use it right where you need it: At the wheel.

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The Perfect Gift: Pottery book and tool kit bundle

Know someone who wants to start ceramics or pottery?
- Our Throwing Fundamentals Handbook and Tools bundle is just for this person.

You’ll be proud to see your beginner getting started on the right track. The right track starts with a Throwing Fundamentals Handbook and Kemper Tool Kit.

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Clay Pot Company provides learning and teaching materials for the beginning pottery student and teachers.  Clay Pot Company makes throwing pottery easier, more enjoyable, and in reach to artists everywhere.

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Throwing Fundamentals: A Beginner’s Guide to Throwing Pottery, is specially designed for use at the wheel! Further, the handbook makes throwing pottery easy for students, hobbyists, and teachers by providing the right guide with quick answers when they are needed, right at the wheel.