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March 22, 2010

About Us

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The Clay Pot Company Story

Clay Hopes, the author of Throwing Fundamentals, has passion for throwing pottery.  Clay knew that throwing pottery was not easy.  The art of throwing takes more time and determination than many students can invest.

Why not help people learn to throw pottery?  Unless the student has a private teacher who has countless hours of extra time to show the art and learn the technique, there are not many other options available.  Books are available, but none have the benefits of a detailed and visual process that the new student could learn from while at the wheel.  Numerous videos and online descriptions are also available, but imagine trying to use one of these while at the wheel…

Why not have a visual aid that shows the entire process visually and intuitively, with descriptions when needed?  And a solutions guide to help with all the common starter’s problems?  One that could be used while throwing at the wheel?  – This would be a book that students can use to learn faster and on their own.  This was the vision of Throwing Fundamentals.

Throwing Fundamentals

After Throwing Fundamentals was created, copies were provided to previous teachers.  Initial reactions were overwhelmingly positive.  “This is better than all the books I’ve seen’ said one teacher, “This is just wonderful,” said another.  The idea to publish the book began, and Clay Pot Company was formed.

The first edition was tested in several classrooms ranging from high school to university level.  All of the feedback was used to improve the book and make it more valuable for the student and teacher.  The second edition came out in early 2011 and is now available.

At the moment, Clay Pot Company is focused on reaching a wider audience of students and teachers, with the mission to make throwing pottery easier for both.

Local Pottery Classes

Clay Pot Company has started listing pottery studios and classes locally.   This allows anyone interested in learning to throw pottery an easy connection to a welcoming studio.


Clay Pot Company will continue to find innovative ways to make throwing pottery easier for all.  We hope you will join us on this adventure.

Details and Feedback

Clay Hopes founded Clay Pot Company in 2010, and Clay Pot Company is the exclusive publisher of Throwing Fundamentals.

We are very interested in your feedback, needs, and ideas!  Please feel free to send us a message from the contact page and let us know how we are doing.  Looking for more Kemper Pottery Tools or other products?  What can we do to make throwing pottery easier or better?  Let us know!

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